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Workflow Download QSAR data sets using the OpenTox ... (1)

 Bioclipse script that uses the OpenTox API 1.1 to download all QSAR data sets from a given service.

Created: 2010-03-22

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

Workflow Calculate molecular descriptors with OpenT... (1)

 Queries an OpenTox ontology server for available molecular descriptor, picks one, and calculates the descriptor value for a few molecules.

Created: 2010-10-30 | Last updated: 2010-10-30

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

Workflow Run OpenTox models on local data. (1)

 Runs a remote OpenTox model to predict properties for local data which is uploaded on the fly.

Created: 2010-11-13 | Last updated: 2010-11-13

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

Workflow Search OpenTox data sets by title. (1)

 Use of an OpenTox ontology server to find data sets with a particular string in the title, such as 'EPA' as in this case.

Created: 2010-11-14 | Last updated: 2010-11-14

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

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