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Blob Bioclipse script to Split SDfile

Created: 2010-04-09 14:52:02

Credits: User De maas

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

BioClipse script to split a SD-file into multiple smaller SDfiles. Convenient for batch processing.

File type: JavaScript

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Workflows (2)

Workflow Download Structures from PubChem given che... (1)

This workflow takes the input file containing chemical names and returns a single SDF file of structures. The names are searched against pubchem compounds via e-search. If the compound name is found an XML file containing PubChem ID is returned.The max return compound_ID is set to 1 which could be increased. If the compound name is not found then no ID is returned.  The pubchem compound_ID is then used to download structures from PubChem.  

Created: 2011-05-24 | Last updated: 2011-05-24

Credits: User Kalai User Michael Gerlich

Attributions: Workflow Download Entries from PubChem

Workflow Split string into string list, new line se... (1)

Split string into string list using new line as separator. Should work in Linux, Mac and Windows.

Created: 2011-08-15 | Last updated: 2014-02-26

Credits: User Rafael C. Jimenez

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