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Network-member Context Awareness Research Interest Group

Unique name: carig
Created: Thursday 05 March 2009 07:47:08 (UTC)

Context Awareness Research Interest Group joins people that believe that making software more context-aware will enable this software to deliver user-oriented UX, make this software unique and very competitive in software market. We base the initiative on the basic definition of Context that is given by ISO 94211-11 standard: Context is user, his goals and tasks, infrastructure (h...

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Workflow Context Filter (1)

This workflow filters an Ondex graph according to a given context. The result is a new Ondex graph with only selected contexts. The parameters that can be used with this service are as follows: graphId - the ID of the input Graph. outputGraphId - the ID of the output Graph (Optional). If no output graph is specified filtered items will be removed from the input graph. ContextID - The Concept ID of the Context that starts the path. ContextBoolean - Defines two ContextIDs and a boolean operati...

Created: 2009-08-19

Credits: User Paul Fisher

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