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Network-member CWA working group 2.6: Nanopublications

Created: Wednesday 12 August 2009 14:12:31 (UTC)

The Concept Web Alliance is an organization founded to promote the semantically rich publication and dissemination of life science data and knowledge. The basic underlying units of this knowledge will be 'triples' - concept-relationship-concept - represented using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) specification of the W3C. Technologies that are built around RDF such as RDF Triplestores,...

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Latest announcement:: Nanopublication / Format Working Group Mailing List

Network-member CWA working group 2.9: triple browser / re...

Unique name: ConceptWebReasoning
Created: Saturday 15 August 2009 06:01:22 (UTC)

The Triple Browser & Reasoning (TBR) Working Group of the Concept Web Alliance confronts the major challenges associated with efficiently searching and 'creatively' reasoning with massive quantities of concept triples.  In the immediate time frame, members of the of the TBR will focus on (1) formulating precise definitions of how the Concept Web should in principle (and might in ...

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Workflow Sesame triplestore loader from a dereferen... (2)

Load triples obtained from an URL in N3 or XML format and load them into your local Sesame Triplestore locally installed and available at http://localhost/sesame. The http://localhost/sesame/servlets/uploadURL service of Sesame is used in HTTP POST mode.

Created: 2009-02-19 | Last updated: 2009-02-19

Credits: User Francois Belleau

Workflow Bio2RDF: Sesame triplestore loader from tr... (2)


Created: 2009-02-19 | Last updated: 2009-02-19

Credits: User Francois Belleau

Workflow Bio2RDF Talend workflow to populate PARP s... (1)

Talend worflow to populate a semantic mashup about PARP family proteins. The mashup uploaded in Virtuoso triplestore is available at http://parp.bio2rdf.org.

Created: 2013-01-30 | Last updated: 2013-01-31

Credits: User Francois Belleau

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