Pack: Taverna - VPH-Share workshop 17-18 July 2014

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Title: Taverna - VPH-Share workshop 17-18 July 2014

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Taverna - VPH-Share workshop 17-18 July 2014

Location: The Pam Liversidge Building, Sir Frederick Mappin Building – Sheffield S1 3JD, UK

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Format: The workshop is a two-day hands-on training event about workflows in the biomedical arena, with a focus on VPH-Share and Taverna.

Target community & qualifications: The target community is developers and research scientists working in all areas of biomedical/healthcare research within the University of Sheffield. A desirable but not mandatory pre-requisite for the hands-on training course will be some level of exposure to computer programming.

Objective: The training event introduces participants to the role of workflows as exemplified by the VPH-Share and Taverna projects, and teach the attendees how to:

  • Expose, access and share data, tools and workflows via VPH-Share
  • Build cloud applications and wrap tools on the VPH-Share platform
  • Register, discover and reuse tools and web services from BioCatalogue and VPH-Share
  • Develop scientific workflows locally on the Taverna Workbench and via the VPH-Share portal

Outcomes: After completion of the course, participants will have registered access to VPH-Share services to support their own research and will:

  • Appreciate the role, strengths and weaknesses of workflow-based approaches
  • Have an understanding of Taverna and its contribution to workflow design/implementation
  • Have an understanding of the VPH-Share infrastructure (Portal, Cloud, Datasets, Applications & Workflows)
  • Be able to construct simple workflows in order to support their own research
  • Be able to discover and share data, web services and workflows

Tutorial order:

  1. myGrid tools for scientists
  2. Taverna Workbench introduction
  3. XPath tutorial
  4. Advanced Taverna features
  5. Introduction to using components
  6. Help tutorial

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