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Category: Workflow Type: Taverna 2 Tag: model User: Maria Paula Balcazar-Vargas

Workflow Eigen analysis (3)

The Eigen analysis results are a set of demographic statistics: 1) Lambda or dominant eigenvalue: The population will be stable, grow or decrease at a rate given by lambda: eg: ? = 1 (population is stable), ? > 1 (population is growing) and finally ? < 1 (populatiopn is decreasing) . 2) The stable stage distribution: It is the proportion of the number of individuals per stage and it is given by (w). Elasticity and Sensitivity: Sensitivity and elasticity analyses are prospective analyses....

Created: 2012-11-02 | Last updated: 2014-07-25

Credits: User Maria Paula Balcazar-Vargas User Jon Giddy User Gerard Oostermeijer

Attributions: Workflow Matrix Population Model construction and analysis v20 Workflow Matrix Population Model analysis v12 Blob Stage Matrix of Gentiana pneumonanthe 1987-88

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