Group: NBIC-BioAssist II (all people)


This group serves as an overview of all people involved directly or indirectly in the BioAssist Program of the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre. BioAssist-II (2009 and beyond) is headed by Barend Mons

The management team is composed as follows:

Marcel Reinders, Co-Program Leader

Rob Hooft, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Christine Chichester Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Marc van Driel (Research co-ordinator)

The BioAssist Program supports working groups in Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Biological Interpretation (related to CWA) and BioBanking.

A special team will be formed supporting e-science application in the Life Sciences

Bioinformatics Research Support is Headed by Marc van Driel


Created at: Friday 23 October 2009 07:13:45 (UTC)



  1. 1090?size=48x48
    Ishtiaq AHMAD shared Warp2D - 2D Time Alignment Workflow
    2D Time Alignment We describe a new time alignment method that takes advantage of both dimensions of LC-MS data to resolve ambiguities in peak matching while remaining computationally efficient. This approach, Warp2D , combines peak extraction with a two-dimensional correlation function to provide a …
    Wednesday 17 November 2010 19:15:38 (UTC)
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    Please review my definition of the new concept Despautism , a disorder that BioAssist will be very keen on to prevent or cure.....
    Monday 26 October 2009 11:08:10 (UTC)
  3. 728?size=48x48
    Barend shared The general plan and guidelines for BioAssist from October 2009-?
    This document has been accepted at the NBIC management team meeting of 22 October 2009, and will serve as ageneral guideline to run the BioAssist program of NBIC. It might be a good idea to read the short document before you contact BioAssist for support in the scope of your 'code' or 'content' inter …
    Monday 26 October 2009 10:15:06 (UTC)
  4. 728?size=48x48
    Barend created the NBIC-BioAssist II (all people) group
    Friday 23 October 2009 07:13:45 (UTC)

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