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Concept Web Alliance working group on content capture

CWA wants to help disclose experiment-derived knowledge from within the scientific community via concepts and relations between concepts, stored as concept-relation-concept triples that together form a 'nano-publication'. A nano-publication contains a single 'unit of though', and minimal provenance about who made it, where it was stated, how many times it was stated, etc. The focus of the Content Capture group is on capturing these nano-publications from existing data repositories, and while individual scientists perform (computational) experiments.

The proposed role of our group is mediator of the capture process itself in the 'content capture pipeline': (i) data repositories are suggested by the CWA Content Acquisition group, (ii) we assess with other experts in CWA and the provider if/how to make the public information available conform the Concept Web format, (iii) together with the acquisition group we reprioritise their list, (iv) we guide the process of capturing. Our activity is related to at least CWA groups 2.6 (nano-publication format), 2.2 (tool development), 2.3 (storage and maintenance), and 2.8 (content acquisition). Especially the formatting activity also links to W3C Health Care and Life Science Interest Group, in particular their 'Scientific Discourse' task force.

Please consider requesting membership of this group, for instance because (i) you think you can mediate between content owners, triple producers, and triple tool developers, (ii) help find ways to capture content for and by application scientists, (iii) you think this is all wrong and want to play devil's advocate. You are also welcome to join us as 'expert user', for which you can also join the CWA users group on myExperiment.

Created at: Tuesday 01 September 2009 13:06:04 (UTC)

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    Marco Roos created the CWA working group 2.1 - Content Capture group
    Tuesday 01 September 2009 13:06:04 (UTC)

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