Group: CWA-Working Group 3.2 ConceptWiki


This CWA Working Group is concerned with the CWA ConceptWiki and its relationship to other scientific Wikis. This place on MyExperiment will serve as a common forum for the Working Group.

Created at: Wednesday 29 July 2009 16:03:54 (UTC)

Unique name: ConceptWiki



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    Barend commented:    
    Wednesday 24 March 2010 15:51:35 (UTC)
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    Stefano Bocconi joined the CWA-Working Group 3.2 ConceptWiki group
    Wednesday 13 January 2010 18:49:08 (UTC)
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    Egon Willighagen commented:
     The wiki is online already, but I lost the URL... And it is unfindable with Google.... Can someone please point me to the right page?
    Monday 04 January 2010 09:27:23 (UTC)
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    Barend shared nano publication as a way to explain rich triples
    This paper can be used to explain what triples in our context are meant to be and to serve I will present the paper on the semantic web conference workshop 26th of November
    Sunday 25 October 2009 20:38:35 (UTC)
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    Barend commented:
    Hi, I made a new group: MYExperiment and WikiPeople in which we will discuss with the MyExperiment developers and the WikiPeople developers how we can find optimal synergy between the two. Please feel free to sign up to join the discussions 9the intoriduction already shows some ideas floating around. …
    Monday 17 August 2009 13:17:29 (UTC)
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    Jan Velterop created the CWA-Working Group 3.2 ConceptWiki group
    Wednesday 29 July 2009 16:03:54 (UTC)

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