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Created at: Monday 28 January 2013 08:54:17 (UTC)



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    Robert Haines joined the NARExamples group
    Tuesday 29 January 2013 17:58:05 (UTC)
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    Katy Wolstencroft shared InterproScan_Example
    This workflow performs an interproscan at the EBI on sequences provided as input. The output is provided as text, xml or png. This workflow uses the new EBI services, which are asynchronous and require looping over the nested workflow (Status) until the workflow has finished.
    Monday 28 January 2013 10:08:37 (UTC)
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    Katy Wolstencroft shared Blast_and_Interproscan
    This workflow performs an NCBI blast at the EBI. It accepts a protein sequence as input. Default values have been set for the search database (Uniprot), the number of hits to return (10), and all scoring and matrix options. These can be changed in the workflow by altering the string constant values i …
    Monday 28 January 2013 10:07:17 (UTC)
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    Katy Wolstencroft shared clustal_phylogeny
    This workflow accepts a ClustalW protein sequence alignment and produces a phylogenetic tree, using the EBI clustalw_phylogeny web service, which implements phylip.
    Monday 28 January 2013 09:02:03 (UTC)
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    Katy Wolstencroft shared Blast_Align_and_Tree
    This workflow accepts a protein sequence as input. This sequence is compared to others in the Uniprot database, using the NCBI BLAST Web Service from the EBI (WSDL), and the top 10 hits are returned (Nested workflow:EBI_NCBI_BLast). For each extracted hit, the Uniprot REST service returns the protein …
    Monday 28 January 2013 08:57:06 (UTC)
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    Katy Wolstencroft created the NARExamples group
    Monday 28 January 2013 08:54:17 (UTC)

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