File Entry: From biologist to web service to Taverna to myExperiment to biologist

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A movie to show the principle of the round trip from a biology question via pieces of code wrapped as web services and combined into a workflow (computational experiment) in Taverna, via uploading to myExperiment and back to the biologist through myExperiment's run facility. NB: at the time of uploading this movie the runner-option was in test-phase.

It is important to note that the workflow combines the work of various scientists with different expertise and some at remote locations around the globe. Making services and workflows is not easy, but this enhanced collaborative computation is much harder without e-science technology and tools such as Taverna and myExperiment.

The movie was made for the 'NBIC on workflows' workshop in Lunteren, The Netherlands. Many thanks to the myGrid team and myExperiment developers, especially Jits Bhagat. The workflow shown contains services made by the AID group, Martijn Schuemie and the National Institute of Genetics, directed by Hideaki Sugawara (see

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  • Friday 22 May 2009 13:50:07 (UTC)

    I was unable to watch the video neither with Windows Media Player, nor with VLC player. Could you please check if the file is corrupt or some specific codec is required to watch it?

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